Best us binary options brokers

Best us binary options brokers

If you are looking for the best binary options brokers then you should check out the list below. We have done the research for you, and tested the most popular binary options brokers.

Top 10 Binary Options Brokers

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On this page we will answer that for you. Keep in mind that this list changes all the time and we update it frequently. The top list contains the most important information about each broker, but you also have the option to read our in-depth reviews as well. All brokers in this list are safe, secure, legitimate and reputable sites. These are really the best binary options brokers.

It’s not always easy to find the best broker, because there are hundreds to binary options brokers on the internet (and more and more are opened every day).

Best Binary Options Brokers

European traders can join all brokers. They have many regulated and trsuted brokers to choose from. These are the best UK and European binary options brokers:

Best US Binary Options Brokers

US traders have a hard time picking a good binary options broker. There are only a few brokers that accept US investors, however there are still a few good ones. See here:

We are traders ourselves and we know what our visitors are looking for:

  • Safety: this is probably the most important factor when choosing a binary options broker. We’ve had enough of the scam brokers who make false promises. We are all looking for the safest and most secure trading platforms.
  • Banking: some brokers make it so hard to deposit or withdraw money. They either don’t accept your preferred payment method, or don’t send you the withdrawal on time. Simple and secure banking options are really important.
  • Reviews: when doing research, not only do we try out some of these brokers, but we also read the reviews of other traders and sites. We combine all these reviews to create and up-to-date unbiased review for our visitors. This can you will find the best information on one page instead of checking tens of other sites and forums.
  • Licenses and Regulations: when looking for the best binary options broker, we also look at their licenses and regulations. A regulated broker is always safer then an unregulated one, even though there are pretty good unregulated brokers as well. If you are from the US, you will have to pick an unregulated broker, because the regulated ones don’t accept US citizens.
  • Platform: Traders need an easy to use trading platform that is simple and intuitive, with many functions.
  • Customer Support: When you have a question, the customer support is always there for you. However it’s important that you get an answer soon, and don’t have to wait for it for days. Live chat is a great method to contact the support team, but not all broker offer this feature.

Real Money Binary Options Brokers

You have already made the very first step to becoming a successful investor. You did your research and now you know which broker is best for you. When choosing the best broker, you should also check out the deposit bonuses they offer.

All brokers offer some kind of depositor bonus: 30% first deposit bonus, 100% bonus, Risk Free Trades or trading signals. You should pick wisely and always read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus from the brokers.

Binary Options Broker Reputation

best binary options brokers

You need a broker that is safe and trustworthy. Never deposit money on a broker that has been in business for a short time. Always pick the brokers that have a clean business history.


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Best Binary Options Brokers - USA, UK & Canada

24Optionbest Binary Options

Unlike scam sites that don't disclose this, we would like to point out something. No matter which link or site you use to sign up for this service or software, someone might receive a commission fee. That includes links on this site. Our sign up links can be trusted, because they are behind SSL HTTPS protection, so you can be sure of the origin. 

24Option Review Summary

  • Regulated: CySEC
  • 0 Minimum Deposit
  • Minimum Trade
  • 0,000 Maximum Trade
  • Minimum Withdrawal
  • Live Chat Support Available
  • Up to 85% Returns
  • Withdrawals Processed Within 2 Business Days
  • Established in 2009
  • Email Address:
  • Contact:
  • Trading Platform: Tech Financials
  • Due to it’s regulated status, no USA traders are allowed

24Option Scam? No, They Are Fully Regulated!

If you have read any other 24Option review, you would see that the fact that 24Option is regulated means that you can trade with confidence knowing that this is not a 24Option scam. They are regulated by, and have to abide by the financial regulations and requirements stipulated by the following financial control bodies across the world:

Maintaining a fully CySEC regulated status costs upwards of 0,000 based on my research, so there is no way that a company like 24Option would jeopardize their status by scamming people out of a couple of hundred dollars. You can fully trust 24Option with your trading account.

24Option Complaint Procedure

Before I wrote this review, I did a lot of research and I haven’t found any valid complaints against 24Option at all. I say “valid” complaints because some people complain about everything. They will say stuff like “the prices ‘jump'” before expiry, when it is a known fact that price movements just before expiry often does that on all platforms. Some other people complain that they have to provide lots of documentation before they can withdraw their money, but such procedures are required of a regulated broker like 24Option. Scam brokers typically do not require stringent proof of identity. These things go hand-in-hand.

24Option Bonus Offer

The other thing that people don’t understand is that taking a “matching bonus” or any other type of bonus is a contract that you enter into with the broker. The bonus requirements differ from broker to broker, but you have to be aware that it will often require you to fulfill a certain number of trades before the money in your account is released to you.

I often get emails from traders that ask me if they should go for the bonus offer, and I know it sounds very tempting. Being able to deposit 0 and immediately getting another 0 to trade with sounds like a no-brainer, but you have to ensure you are aware of the requirements that go with it. The 24Option bonus is not a scam, or else they would never have been regulated, but like with any contract you enter, there are clauses that might contradict your expectations.

With bonus offers you often have to trade 40x the value of the bonus, and you will not be able to withdraw your money, or the bonus money, until that requirement has been met.

Trading Account Deposits

Funding your trading account with 24Option is very simple, and they provide multiple means of transferring money to your account. The following payment methods are accepted:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • Diners
  • Switch
  • JCB
  • Wire Transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill

You will be able to start trading almost instantly after funding your account, so you don’t need to worry about having to wait a long time before starting.

24Option Review: Trading Platform

free signal service

mobile trading platform

Their mobile trading platform even allows you to deposit money into your account directly from their mobile app. This is a feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else yet, and it certainly makes it very convenient for traders that might not always have access to a desktop computer.


The 24Option mobile platform has received a very high rating of 4.0, so you can trade with confidence on your phone, knowing that the app will perform as it should.

Binary Options Trading Types And Range Of Returns

  • Types of Options: High/Low, Above/Below, Touch/No Touch, High Yield Touch, Boundary, High Yield Boundary, 60 Second
  • High/Low Payout Percentage: 70-85%
  • Touch/No Touch Payout Percentage: 70-77%
  • Boundary Payout Percentage: 65-70%
  • High Yield Touch Payout Percentage: 200-350%
  • High Yield Payout Percentage: 200-350%
  • 60 & 30 Second Payout Percentage: 70-85%

24Option Offers Binary Options Trading of The Following General Assets

  • Forex pairs
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities

With the following expiries:

  • Intraday
  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 2 minutes
  • 5 minutes
  • 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 2 hours
  • End of the day
  • End of the week

24Option Trading Assets Index

The trading assets that 24Option offers is very comprehensive, see the trading asset index below for a full list. These assets are offered for the trading Hours (GMT Time):

Currency Trading

Mon – Fri 05:00 – 22:00

Commodity Trading

24Option provides the following commodity assets for trading Binary Options:


This is the price of 1 ounce of gold in Japanese Yen XAU/JPY is pronounced as Gold-Yen Trading Hours: 08:00 – 20:30 GMT Mon – Fri


This is the price of 1 ounce of gold in Euro XAU/EUR is pronounced as Gold-Euro Trading Hours: 08:00 – 20:30 GMT Mon – Fri


This is the exchange rate of 1 ounce of gold in silver Traders can diversify their investment portfolio by trading gold against silver in the market. XAU/XAG is pronounced as Gold-Silver. Trading Hours: 08:23 – 20:30 GMT Mon – Fri

Stock Trading

The following stocks are provided for Binary Options trading by 24Option:

24Option Binary Options Trading Education

Comprehensive Binary Options training is provided through the website, and once you sign up you will have full access to all of their training materials. Their trading education surpasses anything else I’ve seen on other Binary Options broker sites, and it will definitely give you a full background on how to trade Binary Options.

This 24Options review also found that their training materials include impressive detailed strategies on how to trade, including aspects such as Breakouts, ABCD patterns, Support and Resistance and Ranging/Converging markets with many more examples.

If you need a Binary Options broker, then 24Option is one of your best options. You can sign up with them with no hesitation.



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The Best Binary Options Brokers

Option contracts wherein the payout is either a predetermined sum of money for successful trades or nothing at all for incorrect predictions are referred to as binary options contracts. It is the simplicity of binary trading that has made it immensely popular as a new investment vehicle. The basis of a binary trading is a simple yes or no proposition.

Recommended Binary Options Trading Brokers

All said and done, the successful execution of binary contracts depends to a large extent on the binary options broker you work with. Therefore, the aim of this post is to provide you with some information about choosing the best binary options broker.

#1: Regulation

Probably one of the key aspects that you have to contend with when it comes identifying the best broker is regulation. It is always best to work with regulated brokers as they would be reliable and ensure the safety of your by keeping it in a separate account. In the US, binary options are offered only by Amex, Nadex and CBOE. In Europe, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) has stated regulating binary options trading platform providers. Malta and Japan have also initiated a regulatory framework for binary options. The binary market is largely unregulated as of now, but some brokers are genuine providers even though they are not operating under the purview of any regulatory authority. Therefore, regulation is important, but is not the only criteria to be considered.

#2: Customer Service

Best binary options brokers

#3: Trade Types

Different types of binary trades are offered by different brokers. Some brokers are also known to place restrictions, making it difficult for you to earn profits. If you are new to binary options trading, you may not be able to quickly discern such designs of dubious brokers. Experienced brokers often easily understand the devious methods employed by brokers. This is to say that you should exercise a great deal of caution when choosing a binary options broker to work with and realize your financial goals.

In fact, you should look out for binary options platform providers who offer transparent trading terms and conditions. In general, it is a good idea to open a free account with brokers that offer demo platforms, especially if you are new to binary trading. Demo accounts give an idea of the conditions that prevail on the broker’s real trading platform. Additionally, demo accounts enable you to try out certain strategies prior to implementing them on the real platform.

#4: Easy to Use Platform

The platform provided by the binary broker should be simple to use and easy to navigate. This is a very important point that you should check out because they enable you to execute contracts quickly. It is important to time your trades and you cannot afford to waste time searching for the right buttons to be clicked and navigating the platform. Therefore, you need to ensure that the broker you are planning to work with is making use of a platform developed one of the reputed companies in the industry.

If you are a person who is always on the move, it is also important that you ensure that the broker under consideration offers mobile apps. This will enable you to access your account from wherever you in the world.

#5: Payouts

Payout offered by binary options brokers for in-the-money trades is yet another criterion you must take a deeper look at. Best binary options brokers often promise to pay you profits of 70 to 90 percent on your investment in a contract. Some brokers promise to return a portion of your investment in a trade if your prediction is incorrect or the contract expires out-of-the-money. This often helps you to reduce your losses.

In general, you should look out for online binary brokers who offer a payout in the range of 70 to 80 percent for in-the-money trades and a refund of 10 to 15 percent for out-of-the-money trades. As your goal is to make money through binary options trading, you must choose a broker who offers the best payouts.

The five factors mentioned above are the key factors that you should look into in order to identify the best binary options broker to work with. This is not an exhaustive list and you must also consider the following aspects:

All said and done, it is important that you invest some effort and time when it comes to choosing the best binary options broker. The uncertainties in the financial markets around the world are also contributing a great deal to boosting the popularity of binary options. Therefore, this is probably the best time for you to take a deeper look at binary options as an investment instrument.


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