Nadex trading strategies

Nadex trading strategies

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Slick Trade Online Trading Academy is a fast growing Forex and NADEX trading education company.

Your Sapphire membership includes our very best trading strategies, trader resources, expert advisors and auto-traders giving you the added option of putting your trading on auto-pilot. Not only that, we offer high-performing signals for both forex and NADEX 24 hours a day, 5 days a week so it doesn’t matter which time zone you’re in, or what your schedule looks like, we’ve got you covered. Live trading and member chat included so you can connect with and learn from active professional traders and become profitable.

  •    Video Tutorials
  •    25+ High Probability Trading Strategies
  •    24/5 Forex and NADEX Signal Services
  •    Custom Expert Advisors and Auto-Traders
  •    Live Chat
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After a major car wreck in 2007, Krystal Comber suffered major bodily injuries along with a traumatic brain injury and was told that it was unlikely that she would ever function fully again. She spent a challenging year in recovery and, against all the odds re-learned how to walk, talk and simply be a functioning member of society again. With a strong determination, she was able to get back into college and earn her degree, was appointed as the Graphic and Web Designer of WD Web Co & Design, started her first business, Krykle LLC and was successful in everything she did. She then started her journey in online business, affiliate marketing and stocks. After much personal success, she knew that there was nothing that could stop her. The only problem was that with the affiliate marketing business, she was making money but others were not. This was extremely frustrating, and she decided to drop the business all together.

It was around this time that she was introduced to online trading which ultimately proved to be a game changer. Krystal spent months learning the ropes of trading online and studied every piece education she could get her hands on.

She quickly moved on from the offshore binary options brokers upon discovering sketchy practices such as price manipulation, lag time for entry and payout issues. She switched to Forex and NADEX, both of which she successfully trades, and teaches today. She simultaneously created SlickTrade Online Trading Academy because she saw, and heard continual stories about so many other services that were not truly helping others to learn how to be successful at trading different financial assets.

Krystal had a vision to create a community of online traders where everyone involved could make an income.

She spent months perfecting her first strategies and creating the foundation of SlickTrade.

Her ambition to create a platform where individuals – whether new or experienced could generate an income and create wealth through trading has created an entirely new way to achieve financial freedom.







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However, you may find that your strategies gain an extra edge from the limited risk nature of binary options and spreads. We’ll show you how to combine the advantages of Nadex with trusted trading strategies.

First, get an overview of technical analysis, the study of price movement. Instead of guessing how a market might react to news, weather, and other events, technical analysts look at what the price is actually doing. Is it making higher highs and higher lows repeatedly? Then it’s in an uptrend and your best course of action is usually to go with that trend. For technical analysts, price is the only truth.

Then learn about moving averages, the basis of most technical indicators like the MACD, stochastics, or Bollinger bands. Even fundamental (non-technical) traders will make some use of moving averages to gauge a market’s overall direction.


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