Corporate English courses

Corporate english courses

Learn English in Hong Kong – English Courses Video




Learn English in Hong Kong – 5 Good Reasons Why?


1.Hong Kong is an Education Superpower

2.Hong Kong is the Gateway to Mainland China

3.English is one of Hong Kong’s Official Languages

Along with Cantonese and Mandarin, English is one of Hong Kong’s official languages. Thousands of foreign expatriates come to Hong Kong to work or to study; many are from the West and virtually all of them speak English well. As a result, there is certainly no shortage of English speakers with whom you can practise your English in Hong Kong.

4.An Abundance of English Language Learning Centres

Historic ties to the UK and a close connection to mainland China have resulted in a proliferation of excellent language training centres, many of which teach English as a foreign language. Each year, thousands of students learn English language in this amazing city because there really is an abundance of English language centres in Hong Kong to choose from.

5.Hong Kong is a Major World City

Hong Kong is a very modern city splendidly entwined with ancient tradition and a perfect blend of Eastern and Western influences. Whilst highly developed and heavily populated, around 60% of Hong Kong is still undeveloped, leaving plenty of wide open spaces – including mountain ranges, woodlands, beaches and tranquil islands – enabling you and your classmates to easily escape the bustling city life at the end of a busy week studying English.

So if you are ready to learn English in Hong Kong,


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Business English Lesson 3: Responding to Suggestions in English | Business English Course

We provide top quality language training for corporate organisations. Our English for companies course will improve your employees' English, making them confident English speakers in today's business world.

Why do you need English?

In the fast-developing international business environment and drive towards European integration, English has become vital as a means for you to create opportunities and build your company’s prospects. A good sound knowledge will give you a competitive edge, establish contacts with international customers and enhance your company’s reputation.

Why study with the British Council?

We have helped some of the top global companies for over 80 years in more than 100 countries by enabling them to do business better through English. Let us work with you and your company to boost your place in the international market.

What do we offer?

We offer the following to make sure your company’s needs are fully met:

* Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults – this is a Cambridge qualification for English teachers working internationally for individual classes or closed groups

Types of course

After consultation with you, we will create a course to match your needs. Some of the courses we offer are:

Group courses

  • Closed groups - employees of your company in your or our office
  • Open groups - with other students of the British Council in our office

Individual course

One to one lessons with flexibility of time and venue. 

Systems of evaluating the level of English

We use two ways of finding out your level: 

Aptis is an innovative English assessment tool from the British Council. It is designed to help companies like yours identify your current level of English and hire staff with the right skills. Its flexibility gives you variations in price, time, place, content as you pay only for what you need to test. 



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Located across the capital region, our centers are easy meeting places for students at all times of day.

You may choose a course to suit your schedule and the time you can spare.

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